• Adriana Tanese Nogueira


Love is a propelling force, not a soothing gratifying little thing that’s in your life to cuddle you and put you to sleep. Love is thunder as much as it is sweetness.

Love demands transformation. It’s not she or he who is pressing, it’s love itself, this demanding demon, as Socrates put it two thousand and five hundred years ago. Love is yearning, love is always on the go because love wants more. Not more things. More of you.

You know when it’s true love when you feel unsettled and scared, for love shakes you to the foundation and points you out of your molding comfort zone. Love announces, “Time to move! Time to evolve.”

Love is as seducing as fearful. Because it requests you to face your own hidden self. And here the drama starts.

True love is never an ego thing. Never. It is a soul thing. When love comes in your life it means you are ready for the journey. The soul is ready. The ego is bamboozled.

The ego struggles for two reasons. On one hand it must detain some power, enough to be aware of what’s going on, on the other it resists change whatsoever. And a conflict within entangles the whole situation.

Excitement and anxiety. Opportunity and dread. Either you jump and trust you have a parachute attached to your back or you collapse with the entire plane, because when love hits at your door it’s because there’s nothing more for you in that old dwelling. It’s really time to go.

As the heart desires, the ego struggles to accept love’s summoning. It prefers to find excuses and more excuses. But in fact, it’s just fear.

But fear of what, exactly? What’s the real comfort zone that one must give up? Habits? Lifestyle? Time?

Much more than that.

Love challenges you to see your own shadow, that little piece of you that have been living in the hide all your life or maybe for many lifetimes.

Love acts like a leverage. It applies pressure to that specific point that needs healing, releasing you from your own jammed psychic situation. That’s karma: A piece of you that you have left behind and needs to be finally integrated. Love is a soul retriever. The more powerful the soul attraction the more powerful the prize at stake.

Once you get over the shock and face the pain, you gain the vigor encapsulated in that piece of you that you had buried decades ago and more possibly hundreds of years ago. The scarier the retrieval, the darkest the secret you’ve been hiding from yourself. But also, the more power you’ll get back, finally back to you. And you know you like power…

You will doubtless finally understand why you had been feeling lost, or confused or ungrounded all your life, or so dumbed down when deep inside you know you are more than that… You couldn’t understand why. There was something you couldn’t grasp.

You didn’t find any real effective answers until the day love abruptly shakes your soul and discloses: That’s because you had long ago given up on a strategic piece of you for it contains the devil… but also the salvation, and your true wise and deep light. Are you ready to face the devil in you? Love is a pushy therapist.

The greatest liability of love is the fact that one depends on another to move on. Here are the likely scenarios:

· Both accept to be transformed by love and follow its bliss. They’ll embark in a journey that would empower both of them and open up new refreshing horizons.

· Both of them resist change, they would possibly stay together in order to protect themselves from their own inner change. Love dies and becomes a “cover”. A boring stuff.

· One is ready for change, the other is not. Love gets trapped. The ready one will not be able to wait indefinitely and this not because of any ego game, but because when you are on the move you simply can’t live stuck for too long. So, the ready one will have to take their soul stuff back, undergo the change that can afford by themselves and continue their soul journey. Love like energy cannot be destroyed. But we can put it away for another lifetime.

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