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Transpersonal Psychology of Daily Life
In Between the Lines of "Normality"

Transpersonal experiences are ones that go beyond the ego’s known boundaries, overlapping the spiritual realm. The purpose of this study is to bring transpersonal experiences close to the everyday lives of so-called “common people” in order to show two things: They happen in ordinary situations if just one is able to perceive them, and whatever the experience, it is always related to the process of individuation or to the evolution of consciousness of the person who lives it, and it must be integrated to their own process of actualization. 

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1. Searching for the why

2. Psychedelic transpersonal psychology

3. Psychoanalysis as a portal

4. The unconscious

5. The fruitful normality

6. Cases 

6.1 The child who wanted to die

6.2 The man who knew what was the most painful death

6.3 The woman who was unable to separate

6.4 The baby who couldn’t sleep

6.5 The mother-in-law who hated her daughter-in-law

6.6A woman’s evolution of consciousness and the unexpected deaths in her family

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